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Granta Grapevine is the talking newspaper for the village of Linton and the surrounding district in South Cambridgeshire.

Registered Charity No. 1013086




Granta Grapevine is an audio recording on USB memory stick, distributed free each month to blind and visually impaired people. It is also available to anyone who by reason of disability, cannot read the Linton News.

It comprises news from the village newspaper the Linton News and other sources from the surrounding area.

The first edition produced was for March 1990 and in March 2020 number 361 was recorded when the group celebrated its 30th anniversary.

The group behind Granta Grapevine include in addition to the committee, 2 teams of 4 readers, who dictate the news on alternate months, a news editor, and technical staff who carry out the recording and multi copying.

If you are registered blind, partially sighted, have difficulty reading the Linton News for whatever reason, or you know someone who is and might like a copy of the recording, please contact the Chairman.

If you would like to join the team by helping with publicity, news reading, helping to record, serving on the committee, or you would like further information about us, contact the Chairman:-

Mike Crofts
8 Rhugarve Gardens
CB21 4LX
Telephone:- 01223 893619
e-mail:- grantagrapevine@gmail.com





The latest edition of Granta Grapevine including the Linton News is available here






Support Granta Grapevine

Granta Grapevine make no charge for recordings but is supported by donations from individuals and also from organisations listed at the foot of this page.
Income is used for insurance and Talking Newspaper Federation membership. It is also used for the purchase and maintenance of equipment for production, duplication and playing of the audio files on USB memory sticks. Should you wish to send a donation to the group, cheques should be made payable to Granta Grapevine Talking Newspaper, and sent to the Treasurer:-

Michael Holden
99 High Street
CB21 4JT




The name Granta Grapevine was coined from the
river Granta which flows through the village,
Grapevine being the informal transmission of information,
and early support from Chilford Hall Vineyard





Organisations who have provided financial support include (in no particular order):-

BBC Radio Cambridgeshire Trustline
Linton Women's Institute
Linton Parish Council
The AndersonTrust
Linton Fire Station
Mega Electronics
The Shell Company
Sainsbury's (Haverhill)
The Cambridge Evening News
Granta Masonic Lodge Cambridgeshire
Waitrose Community Matters (Saffron Walden)
The Alper Charitable Trust based at Chilford Hall
Yorkshire Building Society Charitable Foundation






Links to organisations supporting Visually Impaired People - VIP's


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